EmptyArray is the place to be for everyone learning how to program.


When I started my programming journey, I didn't have a mentor or someone that could have helped me during my struggles of learning how to program.

Now, after almost 5 years of someone paying me to write code, I decided to try to change that for others, and help as many people as I can on their journey. And what better way than to start yet another programming blog?!

So I hope this blog will serve you, reader, as a mentor I didn't have, and help you clarify things while learning, or just give you motivation to persist on your journey. Because it's worth it, trust me!

Of course, I also get something out of this. As I gained some experience and knowledge, I realised that I really enjoy helping other people, and get a huge amount of satisfaction when a student finally has that eureka moment and gets a hard concept.

So with all being said, please join me here, and if you have any suggestions, wishes or critiques, please contact me.

Hope you have a great time!